Taste and see if the wine is good

Vignoble Auxey Duresses

From the gates of Dijon a marvellous course way runs among the celebrated vineyards of Burgundy passing through numerous charming places. There are many historic and artistic treasures to be discovered in these prestigious villages set among the meticulously neat landscape, called the Cote de Nuits and the Cote de Beaune. We will appreciate this areas gastronomic traditions and taste it's rich joyful atmosphere so often recorded in local folk song.

The coast, formed by a narrow strip of grounds in hillsides, is constituted by the bank of the ancient lake of Bresse. Turned to the rising sun, these hillsides, overlayed with a rocky earth stemming from a long disintegration of the numerous successive geologic coats, constitute the based of the Burgundian vineyard and form a mosaic of different soils, each bringing a peculiarity to its vineyards. Every village of this coast is known all over the world by the fame of its vintage wines.