A trip to the ends of the world

This area of Burgundy, running parallel to the vineyards of the Cote, offers a wide variety of scenery, plateau bathed in light, charming villages hidden within small valleys. The population of these villages are almost entirely concerned with the production of small fruits, black currants, red currants and raspberries which are used to produce excellent liqueurs. They also produce vintage wines of Hautes-Cotes de Nuits and Hautes-Cotes de Beaune trade-names. We will discover the fine flavoured Burgundy specialities and experience the warm atmosphere within these remarkable communities.

The High Coasts, protected of the West winds and the North by the Mountains of the Golden Coast, possess abrupt hillsides which enjoy a healthy, sunny microclimate and a big luminosity. The vine was always there a queen. It occupies there the warmest exhibitions, on often very strong hillsides and it saves itself lands the most capable of developing the flavor of the grape. Obtained wines are all vintage wines, qualified by their origin which looks to them straight ahead in the controlled naming. Wines of the High Coasts leave intact their natural characters which differ according to the vines from which they arise.